Metal & Catalyst History

Metal & Catalyst Resources was founded in 1999, on more than twenty five years of experience in the business of catalyst and spent catalyst recycling and reclamation. MCR’s founding objective was to improve the catalyst handling efficiency of industrial operations by providing its customers with a comprehensive, “one-stop” metals reclamation service for catalyst processing at metal refineries. Continued success in these catalyst processing goals has allowed MCR to expand its services, which now also include the recycling and recovery of non-catalyst materials, as well as the supply of various raw materials used in the production of catalysts, chemicals, surface coatings, and specialty alloys.

MCR becomes directly involved with each material it handles by managing all related logistics, and by ensuring the material’s economic and environmentally safe use or reclamation. MCR typically takes ownership of spent materials when they leave the supplying company’s site, and carries appropriate insurance to protect against incident while in transit and processing. A full audit and inspection of the proposed reclamation facility (by the supplier of the material) is allowed, and certificates of reclamation can be provided if requested.

Metal & Catalyst Resources has signed various Secrecy, Confidentiality, and Non-Disclosure agreements with catalyst manufacturers and material generators in an effort to secure and protect proprietary information. In addition, MCR has formed new relationships (and has strengthened past relationships) with metal refineries and material processors throughout the world, and has freight forwarding agents present and available on six continents to facilitate cargo pickup and movement. Last, MCR has experience in obtaining permission from respective countries’ environmental officials to process and transport classified hazardous wastes from one country to another. The combination of the above listed knowledge and experience allows Metal & Catalyst Resources to offer consistently competitive terms for spent catalysts and residues containing metal compounds, as well as to safely, reliably, and responsibly handle, move, and process these materials worldwide.

Please look through the Services and the Raw Material Sales pages of this website to learn of the specific materials that MCR purchases, processes, and/or sells.