Tellurium Dioxide Sales

Metal & Catalyst Resources’ Tellurium Dioxide is packaged, as a standard, in 25 kilogram (55.11 pound) pails. Nonstandard packaging can be accommodated if necessary, and must be discussed with MCR’s commercial department prior to shipment

A typical analysis of MCR’s TeO2 is as follows:

Te: 79.72%
Na: 0.045%
Al: <0.001%
S: 0.013%
Ca: 0.004%
Cr: <0.001%
Mn: <0.001%
Fe: 0.002%
Ni: <0.001%
Cu: <0.001%
As: <0.001%
Se: <0.001%
Pb: <0.001%
Mg: <0.001%
Cd: <0.001%

To inquire about MCR’s tellurium dioxide, please contact the Commercial Department.


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