Molybdenum Sales

 Metal & Catalyst Resources sells Molybdenum (Mo) products for chemical, catalyst, and metallurgical use.

MCR’s Molybdenum products take the form of:

  • Ammonium HeptaMolybdate
  • Ammonium DiMolybdate
  • Molybdenum Disulfide
  • Calcium Molybdate
  • Chemical Grade Molybdenum Oxide (MoO3)

The actual compositions of these products vary based on client needs and end-use applications. Please contact MCR’s Commercial Department to discuss your specific needs.

MCR is also a seller of inert ceramic beads, or diluent (sized 5mm or 6mm in diameter), that are often mixed with Mo bearing catalysts. These beads are separated from spent catalyst, and are then washed, cleaned, and dried. The beads can then be reused and mixed with fresh Mo bearing catalyst.

Contact Metal & Catalyst for more information.


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