Metal & Catalyst Resources is a buyer of most types of spent Molybdenum catalyst and Mo residues.

Typical Refining catalysts, such as hydrotreating and hydrodesulfurization catalysts, contain from 3% to 20% Molybdenum. These refining catalysts are classified as hazardous waste in the United States (K-171, K-172) and many other countries. For this reason, MCR only works with processing facilities that are legally and environmentally allowed to import, process, and consume these manifested wastes. In these facilities, the Mo content of the catalyst is reclaimed, along with some other contained metals such as Nickel, Vanadium, and Cobalt.

There are additional forms of Molybdenum catalyst that contain from 20% to 52% Mo (as well as, in some cases, Cobalt, Bismuth, Tungsten, Nickel, Vanadium, etc.) All of these catalysts are recyclable. MCR acts as agent for a major manufacturer of one form of these catalysts, separates the inerts mixed with the catalyst for resale or for return to the catalyst user, and recovers the Mo for manufacture of Mo salts or alloys.

Along with Mo bearing catalyst, MCR purchases numerous types of Molybdenum residues, with widely varying compositions.

Please contact MCR’s commercial department to discuss your Molybdenum recycling needs.

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